4455ec67ee435379786c7f833e74f717 “Pearl” is a Historical Love Story (Titanic) set in 1930’s Shanghai. It covers a portion of world renowned writer Pearl Buck’s life. Pearl was a missionary wife and daughter.  Her husband and Pearl used their work to escape the pain they could not face with each other. Having a mentally challenged daughter only added to the tensions. The money from Pearl’s writing went to pay for their daughter’s special education at the Vineland Training School. Both found solace outside the marriage.  Pearl in her relationship to Hsu Chi Mo,  the Byron of the East.  It is with Hsu that Pearl blossoms as a writer and woman.

When Pearl meets her publisher, Richard Walsh, Harvard liberal, she finally finds the man that is her equal in love and work.  Their very special relationship is the reason for all of Pearl’s success and humanitarian work.

Because of Richard, Pearl’s novel “The Good Earth” won the Pulitzer and the film a number of Oscars. As the first American woman to win the Nobel prize she and Richard used the money to start “Welcome House” the foundation that saved many Eurasian and Amerasian children.  The foundation also found the cure for the type of retardation her daughter had saving many other children.

Pearl was an advocate for social change.  She and Richard changed the laws so couples could adopt out of their race.  She advocated for sponsoring Jewish families before the US was in WW 11.  She was a supporter for the NAACP.  She fought for Chinese rights after the Japanese take over in 1938.

Recently, the Pearl S. Buck Foundation chose to read my research paper at the Buck symposium in Zhenjiang, China September of 2015. For more production information please use the CONTACT form.


Project has support and approval of the China Film Co-Production Commission. Mike Medavoy is the Executive Producer

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Photo credit: Pearl S. Buck Foundation.