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Meet Roxanne Messina Captor

Meet Roxanne Messina Captor, an award winning writer, director & producer who loves to tell a story about the arc of life and teach others the art of filmmaking.


Several Youtube based webseries from Messina Captor Films, including The Bag, White Chicks and the Hairdresser and more.

Recent Interviews

Recent Interviews

Gypsy Robe

Gypsy Robe follows the lives of young hopefuls trying to find their stars on the “The Great White Way”.

The Biz of the Biz – Online Course

Coming soon to UDEMY will be a series of online courses for filmmakers and actors.  Roxanne has been an instructor for several years at Emerson University and Santa Monica College. To learn more about Roxanne’s course on learning the “Biz” of the “Biz” please… Continue Reading “The Biz of the Biz – Online Course”


Upcoming Messina Captor Films project- PEARL

Homecoming (with video)

Homecoming: Veterans, Wives and Mothers video uploaded on by Messina Captor Films.