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Messina Captor Films has developed a number of web  – based series over the past years.

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“A COUPLE OF WHITE CHICKS AT THE HAIRDRESSER” is a Dramady about two very different women who develop an unexpected friendship that is sometimes poignant, sometimes hilarious. Starring Harry Shearer, Shelley Long, Deborah Theaker, James Kyson Lee and Kate Linder   Directed by Roxanne Messina Captor / Messina Captor Films

Details about the film are also available on IMDB

Michel Ciment, Editor In Chief Positif: “ It is a delightful and enchanting film. Your direction reminded me of a Bob Altman film…very much like Doctor T. The writing is like Nora Ephron.”

Mario Sesti, Artistic Director, Festival International di Roma: “Thank you for sending us your work. We loved the humor and the dialogue, smart and sharp.”

Michael Tolkin, Author, Screenwriter, “The Player”: “It’s well done and heartfelt. The life of a salon is a terrific idea for a show, especially if you expand the characters to get different ages and their places in the world. It reminded me that the salon scenes in Shampoo were some of the best in the film. There’s a lot to explore in that world.”

Secrets From the Net…Unveils those deep dark secrets found on the net and brings to life in a series format.

Great Film Festivals of the World…..Using Messina Captor’s background and connections in the festival world the viewer will have a first hand seat at major film festivals.

Great Spas of the World – The series will travel the world.

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