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SYNOPSIS: A Dramady about two adversarial and high powered women and their celebrity hair dresser who develop an unexpected friendship that is sometimes poignant, sometimes hilarious. And always…. VERY REAL!! In the pathos of their competition they find their adversary becomes their best friend. The film explores how women and men can support each other through life’s trials and tribulations. It is a study in the difference between what is on the surface and the truth underneath.


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Gypsy Robe


Gypsy Robe”follows the lives of young hopefuls trying to find their stars on “The Great White Way”. It is the Broadway version of flesh and bone.

As a mulit-platform web series “Gypsy Robe” is hot, youthful, edgy, fun, exciting,  and hip. It embodies one of Broadway and more importantly America’s most treasured artists…. THE GYPSY! Called “Triple Threats” for their ability to sing, dance and act. This is a breed of performer not easily categorized, is usually a chorus member known in part for his or her dedication, professionalism and performing career. The robe is, in some ways, the performer’s “amazing technicolor dream coat.”. The recipient of the robe is a member of the cast who embodies the qualities of the most promising Broadway gypsy.  Many aspire to this rarefied club but who actually has the “chops” to join.