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As the role of American women in uniform brings them continually closer to combat operations and the nature of modern war blurs the difference between front and rear operations, many returning women veterans are confronted with challenges during deployment which may change the way they return to life at home.

When women veterans return from tour, they are faced with the challenge of re-adapting to life at home while dealing with issues such as PTSD, physical disabilities, navigating the VA, racism, sexual abuse, anxiety attacks, homelessness, and disenfranchised families. We want to have these women speak for themselves about their trials and tribulations, their hopes and dreams, their frustrations and achievements. Homecoming will tell the stories of these women veterans wives and mothers as they navigate the home-front. These “home” war stories will resonate for years to come.

Does the system support them? How is it different from what the men face? Do they serve another deployment? How do they stay in touch with their team that is still serving? The purpose of this documentary is to highlight women whose bond and spirit will not be broken. They aren’t broken; they are heroes. We want a grateful America to understand how to best appreciate and help these women warriors. These women have extraordinary discipline, courage, and capacity – that’s what we can focus on.

Recently our short film “Deployment” won Best Narrative for Hall of Fame, Women’s History Month.  It follows a young Asian American US Air Force Academy graduate as she faces her first deployment and says good bye to her wife and brother.

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Roxanne Messina Captor

Director | Producer | Writer

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Roxanne Messina Captor
Roxanne Messina Captor
Director | Producer |
Paul Kelly – Editor

Paul Kelly is the talent that brings music to the world of film, TV, and advertising. He has been sought after by renowned directors, like Oliver Stone, for his blockbuster films, Savages, Any Given Sunday, Comandante and Oscar-Nominated short film Everything In This Country Must. Kelly has also won numerous awards for his editing work, including a Cannes Silver Lion, in 2005, and Two Gold Lions in 2010.

Rita K. Sanders   Editor
Rita Sanders, Editor

Tara H. Turner – Director of Photography

Tara Handy Turner is known for her work on Independence Day (1996), Beauty and the Beast (1991) and Tangled (2010).

Ayanna A. Parker – Co-Producer

Spending most of her young life involved with the arts and community engagement issues, Ayanna eventually began to work in Post Production/Post Associate producing commercial spots with top clients such as Apple, Hyundai, and Pepsi. She has recently meshed her love for the arts and social issues to creative development as co-producer on documentary films.

Tara Ruby – Photographer

Tara Ruby is the creator and owner of The Military Photographer Magazine and the feature photographer of the Professional Photographers of America “One of the Many Faces” project. She is also the sole photographer for Freedom Crossing at Fort Bliss, the first ever open-air shopping center on a US Military Installation. Tara is a military veteran, military spouse, mom, photographer, friend and everything else in between!