Francis Coppola, Director – Writer – Producer: “Roxanne has always impressed me with her consistent professional and hard-working attitude. She is a multi-talented artist, a storyteller, and her strength is developing and visualizing material as evident from the film projects she has produced.”

John Cleese, Actor: “You are a very funny woman…very witty!  There are not that many good comedy writers out there. You are one of them. What else are you writing?”

Harry Shearer, Actor: “It was my pleasure to work with Roxanne. The film is great. I love it. Roxanne is a truly unique and original voice. Her direction is impeccable. She knows how to get the best out of the actors. Roxanne communicates her vision clearly.”

Shelley Long, Actress: “I feel very fortunate to have been asked to do Roxanne’s film. This is afantastic opportunity to do something different from my other roles. What a treat. I read the script and two hours latter called Roxanne to say I was doing the role.  It was the best material I had read in years. As a director she made me feel safe and gave me the opportunity to explore.

Clint Eastwood, Actor – Director – Producer: “Thank you for a wonderful time at the SFIFF. What a well-done event.  We met so many great people.”

Gene Kelly, Dancer- Actor – Director: “Roxanne is very well versed as a teacher and performer.”

Vincent Canby, Film Critic: “Your talent, wit, humor, and guts astonish and delight me. You have my admiration and gratitude.”

Peter Dekom, Attorney: “Ms. Captor has demonstrated a very keen eye for strong material and the ability to work closely and effectively with creative talent. She can make the scripted work live and breathe on the screen due to her agile directing ablility.”

Terry Semel, Former Chairman of Yahoo and Warner Bros. Studios: Roxanne Messina Captor is a respected member of the entertainment industry. Whether as a Network Executive (one of the founding members of TNT) or as an Emmy nominated producer/director; I feel Ms. Messina Captor brings her intelligence, varied background, focused vision and boundless energy to every project and organization. Having created web series, Messina Captor stays up to date on new media and developments in the industry.