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 Messina Captor Films announces “THE SALON – DIGITAL SERIES” is In Production

A digital series of a salon where secrets are kept, or maybe they are not?
LOS ANGELES – Sept. 22, 2019 – PRLog — Messina Captor Films ( proudly announces the commencement of production for their newest project – “The Salon”- a six-part digital dramedy series.

The Salon is a sequel to the award winning short -film, “A Couple of White Chicks at the Hairdresser”. After being reintroduced to audiences during 2019, Writer and Director Roxanne Messina Captor decided to continue the arc of the story, but adapted this new project to a digital series format to address the audience preferences of 2020.

Messina Captor Films Inc. will begin filming mid- October 2019 with a studio secured in Culver City. The cast includes Harry Shearer (reprising his role), Kate Linder, Luis Jose Lopez, Emily Peachey, Mason Grammer, Eddie Buck, Elena Campbell Martinez, Candy Washington, Nikki Soo-Hoo, Akende Munalula, Derek Warburton, and Sam Rubin (guest cameo). Full cast information can be found on the website (

“‘THE SALON’ is a funny and poignant look at relationships that can only be made in the rarified salon atmosphere. As the salon becomes a viable character in the series, the humor, mayhem, ghostly acts and murder surround important contemporary issues,” describes Messina Captor of the series.

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Louise Sattler
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Louise Sattler,
PR Consultant and Media Specialist


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