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Roxanne Messina Captor talks about ‘The Salon’ digital comedy series”

by Markos Papadatos/ Digital Journal, April 2, 2022

Thank you to the Digital Journal for featuring Roxanne Messina Captor (RMC) on the cusp of the Indie Series Awards. Papadatos asked RMC about her future plans and advice for aspiring filmmakers. The following were quotes from this article.

Regarding her future plans, Captor remarked, “I am developing “Dream Moms,” a musical project I wrote with Hallmark Channel. “Pearl,” a historical romance based upon the life of the Nobel Prize-winning author Pearl Buck starring Judith Light, William H. Macy, John Cho, Leehom Wang, and Jing Tian, with support from The Pearl S. Buck Foundation.”  

“I would love to see ‘The Salon’ on one of the major streamers, cable or networks,” she added.

For young and aspiring directors and producers, she offered the following advice: “I teach this in seminars and in my classes: ‘Perseverance, Persistantance, Passion, and Discipline.’  This will keep you going when things get tough.”

COMMON DEFENSE hosts a screening of HOMECOMING: Veterans, Wives and Mothers.


The new documentary short film “Homecoming: Veterans, Wives, Mothers” salutes women veterans who’ve served in the military to protect our country.


STAGE 32 – Excerpt from this article.

Documentaries have been produced since 1922. They were always considered the educational part of moviemaking; not entertainment. That has all changed. We are in the Golden Age of Documentaries. Prominent directors are using the documentary format to tell their stories. My documentary “Homecoming: Veterans, Wives, Mothers” joins the ranks for consideration for the “Outstanding Short Form Non-Fiction” Daytime Emmy Award for 2021. magazine

Roxanne Messina Captor appears in the EMMYS online publication:

British Thoughts Magazine

Read article here


Roxanne Messina Captor Common Defense

COMMON DEFENSE hosted an RMC screening of HOMECOMING: Veternan’s, Wives, and Mothers. Known for their independent veteran grass-root efforts, this well attended virtual event helped to further spotlight the causes of women veterans. Watch an excerpt of the video here.


The INDIE SERIES AWARDS announced their 12th annual award nominees. On the list was our very own THE SALON that received a nom for BEST ENSEMBLE CAST IN A COMEDY SERIES.

The cast included many seasoned, as well as new to the screen, actors. (Read the list of actors, watch the trailer, and more about The Salon here)

Original artwork poster for The Salon (Emmy submission). Artwork has since been changed with revisions.

Homecoming: Veterans, Wives, and Mothers

This past November 22nd the documentary screening with Roxanne Messina Captor, Filmmaker of Homecoming: Veterans, Wives and Mothers took place via an online community, largely of women attorneys and judges from the greater New York City and Long Island area.

Speakers included Roxanne Messina Captor plus the following notable contributors:

Linda Miles, U.S. Navy, Specialist, E-4, Retired 

Hon. Marcia P. Hirsch, Presiding Judge of the Queens Veterans Treatment Court 

Professor Helen Benedict, Columbia University, Author of The Lonely Soldier, Sand Queen and Wolf Season 

Margaret Carucci, Esq., Co-Chair-Queens County Women’s Bar Association, Veterans Affairs Committee Moderator- Fay Parris, QCWBA President and Co-Chair-QCWBA Veterans Affairs Committee 

Thank you for all the comments and kudos received! Here are just a few of them from this amazing event!

So inspired by these women who continue to show up for each other and women vets onward. Resilience, courage, compassion, vision for change. Thank you for sharing your powerful stories.

Sonja Montiel

Thank you for this powerful film. My question: How can we as women lawyers (and non-military citizens in general)  best support our female veterans (and all veterans)?

Bernice Siegal

Bravo on the film. Beautifully done. I am fascinated that these women opened up to you.  How did you go about recruiting them for the film?

Donna Decker

What an amazing testament to the strength, fortitude, perseverance, power (and empowerment) of women in the U.S. military  The stories were beautifully told, the witnesses so compelling, and the emotions so vividly captured by the filmmaker.

Frank Tobin

“I was very touched by this film. Portrayed the strength and self sacrifice of these brave women.” 

Honorable Judge Marcia Hirsch 

Honorable Marcia Hirsch

Excellent excellent program, what a phenomenal group of panelists!

Holly Shaw

As a mental health professional and University ersatz professor, I have attended many therapeutic court sessions in Queens and Nassau. What Hon. Hirsch has not discussed is the extraordinary judges who preside in these courts and maintain a stance of compassion, respect, wisdom, and commitment to serving those who appear before them. It is among the most inspiring and hopeful endeavors I had the privilege to experience and share with nursing students. Kudos to all!

Helen Benedict

Excellent excellent program, what a phenomenal group of panelists!

Joanne Quinones

You are Invited to Honor Our Military Women and Veterans

You are invited to join the NY and Queens County Women’s Bar Associations, in conjunction with the United Nations NGO Committee on Mental Health, and Messina Captor Films for a very special screening of the film that honors our women in the military: Homecoming: Veteran’s, Wives, and Mother’s.


6:30-8pm EASTERN TIME, 5:30pm CENTRAL, 4:30p MOUNTAIN, 3:30p PACIFIC

To join the screening please register here:…/tZAvcOCupz4sGt1EUDl585a…

A Q & A will immediately follow the screening of the film (runtime is 33 minutes).

Details are on this pdf attached.